Guide went haywire!

I can access my menu guide on both the computer and TV. The last couple of days, parts of the listings for the channels on the menu guide on the computer end are missing! On the TV end, no problem. All of the listing are there. Not sure what is going on. Reloaded the guide, no love.

How did you reload the guide? Did you go to Settings and hit Update Guide Info?

Try changing you zip code to another near you, then give your Tablo an hour or so to download the guide. It might not take that long. How many active channels do you have on your Tablo? More channels, the longer it takes. If new zip code fixes it, open a ticket to let them know.

You might be starting to suffer the same problem I had a month. I have 2 tablo servers and I started to notice a guide difference between the 2 tablos. The roku data was correct and matched one of the tablo servers.

The typical way this is fixed is to clear the browser cache and possible delete the tablo server and re-add it. When I did this all the guide data, recording data, and live TV data failed to load/sync on the one tablo.

This was caused by database corruption on the tablo server which support fixed when I opened a ticket.

Support told me to reenter the zip code and it rebuilds the database. Even if the zip code is the same. That was needed to get 54-2 and -3.

Will give it a try, thanks.

This fix worked for me. Thank you.

If the guide is correct on a device like roku but not the chrome web browser and clearing the browser cache does not fix the problem, changing zip codes may just be masking the underlying problem. Changing zip code will purge some entries from the server database. But if there is a structure issue the problem will just reappear at a later date.

cleared the browser cache with Chrome and it seemed to take care of it. Will let you know if the problem returns. Thanks.