Guide updating but not loading

Hello all. Question around the guide loading / showing up. I have a fully paid subscription, Tablo v2.2.26, and within the settings, it shows the guide is updated. However, going into the guide to see what is one and when, nothing ever shows up. It will sometimes flash “loading”, but that is all.

I have the same issue from my Roku app, the app on my phone, and the web app. I have reset the device (pushed blue button), changed the zip code, hit refresh, checked for updates, etc. Nothing seems to help. I did not attempt a fully factory reset yet…

Thoughts? Other infos needed?

Thanks in advance!

How long has your Tablo been in this state? If you only set it up today, it can take a little while for the first guide data download to complete, and for your data to appear.

Thanks, @TabloSupport, for the response. It has been like this for more than a week now. I’m not sure when it updated to 2.2.26 as I was out of town last week, but my family noted the issue, which I could not resolve.

I am having the SAME issue. I have an open ticket. Not much response.

Thanks @tbrady17. I do as well now. If I hear anything, I’ll post here. Very annoying and no other things to change that I’m aware of…

@sawall @tbrady17 I’ve given our a support team a heads up - they’re checking out your units now. We’ll have everything up and running ASAP.

A factory reset did the trick. (Holding reset button for 7 seconds). Unfortunately, you loose all your settings, scheduled shows, and recordings when you do this. Had to wait a few nights before unused hard disk space was released. Happy it is working again.

Thanks for the update, @tbrady17. I’m still working with support, who have been working on this with me a lot over the past week. Factory reset didn’t work for me. Downgraded as well, but that didn’t help. So something odd happened for me. Will report back later.

Hello all. Just wanted to close this one out. In the end, it appears there was some type of DNS issue. I cannot speak to what exactly, as being a consumer, I could not access any details via the interface or API. Something changed in how the Tablo device was receiving or interpreting the DNS queries from my firewall (a Palo Alto PA220). Note, I did not perform any updates or changes to my firewall when this stopped working.

I had Tablo support connect to my device. The domain we had to test and what had to work was: At this time, you are not able to manually set DNS nor see what it is set to for verification. Regardless, through supports tests, if they point to my firewall, it failed. If they pointed to google (, it worked. If run the same test from any PC on my network, I get valid results from my firewall - back to some interpretation of response between my firewall and the Palo.

Guidance given was not necessarily practical in that it was a “problem with my provider” or I just needed to use a public DNS server. Doing the latter would defeat my overall security controls internally, including the ability to control DNS. I ended up setting up an internal DNS server (pi-hole) and set my DHCP scope to pass that out to my devices. That seems to have cleared up the issue for the TabloTV for now. Even if not in the UI, at least have more info available via API such as in paths like this one: http://tablo.ip:8885/server/info.

Further, it would just be ideal to be able to set your own static IP and/or DNS server if needed. And it would be great to see some type of error log. The API to pull data is too locked down.

Either way, there you go. If you run into this issue, DNS might be your issue. So, one test would be to force change whatever DNS server you are passing along via DHCP. Reboot. And try again.