Guide updates - Strange behavior

I noticed something strange with my guide updates After months of updates sometime in the wee hours of the morning, the guide failed to update for a couple of days. Then, it started updating again, but now it’s happening in the evening. Tonight, it started about 6:00 PM.

Anyone else notice strange behavior with their guide updates? Is there a way to control the time when updates happen? Or has Tablo been experiencing issues with their update server?

@lkahhan - Hrm… it sounds like there might be something fishy going on with the time on your Tablo. Can you drop us a line so we can check this out for you?

Well, it displays the correct time on the “Tablo” Roku screen, and my scheduled recordings all start at the correct time. I’ll monitor it for a couple of days and see if it corrects itself, and if it doesn’t, will submit a support request.

OK… Keep us posted.