Guide Subscription Not Connected

My guide expired and I am no longer connected to the guide after buying a year membership. I have tried the blue button reboot to no avail. Ideas?

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My Live TV guide is only showing 24 hours of data and I have a lifetime subscription. Have a friend that is experiencing the same issue. I wonder if there is an outage with the guide feed. Maybe it’s related to the Amazon Web Service outage…

@tickko, that is working correctly. The Live TV guide has always been just 24 hours. But if you explore the various categories, like prime time, tv, sports, etc, you will see two week’s worth of data.

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The Live TV grid only ever shows 24 hours at a time.

The remaining 13 days of the guide data is available through Primetime, TV Shows, Movies, etc.

I guess I never noticed that until today. Thanks!

@McNally_Lisa - After you purchased your subscription did you associate your Tablo to that subscription?