Guide recordings not showing

All of a sudden scheduled guide recordings are not showing up on Roku, IOS, or online. If I schedule a recording manually it pops in there, but anything that the guide schedules in invisible. I’ve witnessed the tablo recording the programs, and it is using up drive space. I’ve tried reformatting the hard drive to see if that would solve the issue, but it hasn’t. Everything has worked great for months up until just a few days ago.

How did you reformat the drive? The Tablo Settings does not have a feature that lets you do this?

Did you hold the little blue button on the back of the Tablo for 30 seconds? This factory resets the Tablo.

I plugged the drive into my computer and reformatted and then the tablo reformatted it when I plugged it back in to that. I haven’t tried a factory reset yet.

If you formatted it through the computer, I would also recommend factory resetting the Tablo because the database for all the recordings, scheduled recordings, etc. is stored physically on the Tablo itself. Not on the USB HDD.

Doing it as we speak. I’ll set up some recordings for tonight and see if that helps. Thanks for the help :smile:

No problem - you might want to re-format the USB HDD on your computer before factory resetting the Tablo.

@gjventurelli Don’t hesitate to give us a shout if this doesn’t do the trick.

Thank you. I have it reset and set to record some shows tonight. If it doesn’t work I’ll know by tomorrow :). Thanks again!