Guide/Quick Guide Enhancements

I use Roku for my interface with my Tablo and have a couple enhancements I would like to see.

  1. I’ve noticed a channel label inconsistency between the regular Guide and the Quick Guide. For some channels, the regular Guide labels some channels with the network/channel name whereas the Quick Guide labels the channel with the call-letters of the channel. It would be nice if these were consistently showing the network/channel name when available in the regular Guide.

  2. Could the Quick Guide be enhanced to be horizontally scroll-able to be able to view more than just the next hour? For example, when the Quick Guide is open, the directional arrows and/or the REW/FF buttons would move through the Quick Guide horizontally? I know while the Quick Guide is open currently the left direction arrow will tune to the previous live channel so perhaps REW/FF is the easiest or the “instant replay” or “back” button could become the “previous live channel” button when the Quick Guide is active.

  3. I agree with others that the option to have channel logos would be a great enhancement to the guides.

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