Guide or lineup issues

I have a TIVO and am having trouble getting the lineup. I was wondering if TABLO has the same issue.

Can you explain what that means?

When I run the setup for channels I get, in the program guide I get (To Be Announced). For some reason the TIVO can’t find the correct channel on the frequency I get. I can set a manual setting to record on channel 4-2, but it will record the program from 9-2. TIVO support is of no help! I bought the TIVO in April and ask to get the lineup issue fixed in May. Still waiting for them to fix!
I bought the TIVO because it is suppossed to have onepass, (records every episode) and skip ( one button to skip whole commercial).
I live in a location with two market areas. One is OKC and the other is Wichita Falls TX. I recieve the OKC channels from a translator tower 30 miles with LOS. The Wichita Falls channels from a translator tower 6 miles with LOS. The nois margin range from 14 DBS to 39.

I may be missing something but why are you asking a TiVo related question on the Tablo forums? Yes, there are ex-TiVo users among us but…

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Nilex I was wondering if I changed to TABLO would I still have the same issue? I had DTV with an am21 to record OTA and it had the same problem as TIVO. I got rid of DTV and now have a TIVO with program guide issue. If I spend more money for a TABLO will I still have that same issue? DTV and TIVO both advertise up to two weeks info in the guide. With both I get (To Be Announced).
I understand unless I know someone in my viewing area I probably can’t get a correct answer.

That’s going to be a very hard question to answer unless someone here lives near you as there are so many variables in the situation. The guide issues would seem like maybe they are an issue with the guide provider as opposed to the hardware provider.

I have one channel on Tablo that says To Be Announced. It is TUFF TV. I called support and they are working with the guide provider, but need the information to cone from the station. In the meantime I use www.titantv.con and do manual recordings on Tablo.

Di ALL yoyr stations say Ti Be Announced?

No, the channels that have TBA are traanslated from the same tower as the ones with information in the gude. One really wierd is the FOX display 18-1 frequency 32 and 20. The 18-1 with frequency 20 has lineup and the three sub channels, 18-2 GRIT, 18-3 BOUNCE, and 18-4 ESCAPE. The 18-1 with frequency 32 has the lineup for FOX but not for the subs! Both of those towers receive their signal from FOX 18 Frequency 15 KJTL. The 18-1 FOX with frequency 20 has the lineup and ABC 5-1 frequency 18, but NBC 4-1 frequency 34, CBS 9-1 frequency 35, 43-1 IND frequency 22 Don’t. The tower for the 18-1 frequency 32 also has a NBC 3-1 freqiency 29, with only the 18-1 and no subs. The field engineer that monitor all the translator towers in this area said the guide infomation is send with the signal.

Guide sent with signal works for info button on TV. On Tablo it comes from Gracenote. Ask the station if they are sending guide data to Gracenote.

Open a ticket with support.

When new subchannels are added, it often takes a week or longer to get guide data.

My Guide is showing shows in the past.
I am accessing remotely, so I can’t refresh things.
This was captured on 2018-03-02, and displays shows in February :frowning:

Do you see the same thing from other clients besides the website (Roku, Android, iOS, etc.)?

Out of curiosity, in Settings when does your Guide Status show your guide as last being updated.

@kkoceski - Is the date on your device correct?

Yup - time is OK on Nexus 7, here at work.
The TabloTV itself seems fine at home on another device ( Amazon Fire HDX with “silk” browser ).

Very weird… Must be a sync issue then, but I can’t recall an instance when sync would cause a time shift. Usually it’s a device or Tablo time setting issue.