Guide not updating

My guide says it was last updated 7 days ago. This doesn’t change even when I try a manual update via the iPad app. We are particularly missing live sports events (Thursday night football does not appear in the guide).

Is there anything else I can do to get the guide to refresh?

Have you tried rebooting your router, waiting 2 minutes, then rebooting your Tablo?

What firmware in Tablo? You could try rescan channels and add to guide. That always forces an update. If for some reason it doesn’t, try removing a channel from the Active Channels, add to guide. After guide finishes updating, add the deleted channel back (if you want it) and add to guide.

I had already tried to force a download by adding new channels. The reboot seems to have done the trick, although I had to reboot twice. The first time the guide showed “updated 6 days from now”… Yes, in the future!. And no live tv grid. Second reboot seems to have solved the issues.

Thanks for your help!

@Sara Thursday Night Football is only on the NFL Network for the rest of the season. So the 11/5/2015 and future Thursday night games will no longer show up in your guide. Also, just because you manually initiate a guide update it does not necessarily mean there’s will be new data to download.

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