Guide not loading with Roku 3

I’ve had my 4 tuner Tablo running for nearly 1 year now. On my Roku 3, the Tablo app will not load the listings in the Live Guide.

I am able to see my recordings and my scheduled recordings are still recording and am able to view the recordings. I am also able to see the Live Guide as normal when viewing Tablo on my IPad.

My 1TB hard drive is still only 1/3 full.

@gbwilco Does the entire live TV guide just show up as ‘loading’ in all the grid cells? Or doe the whole screen not load at all?

The entire live TV guide just shows up as “loading” in all the grid cells.

@gbwilco Do you have a ticket in with our support team? Send one in if you don’t - and if you do, feel free to PM me the ticket # and I’ll take a look.

My problem was solved by powering off all components of my network and restarting. Just rebooting the Tablo and the Roku weren’t enough.

Tablo support was responsive when I created a ticket.


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