Guide - Network Logo Icons

First, hello! I’m new here… and about 5-weeks new to using Tablo. (Two Dual-Lite tuners)

Is there any pipeline plan to update the Guide UI, adding network logos alongside the channel ID’s on the left? Maybe even as a perk for the Advanced Guide subscribers?

It seems that virtually every other DVR service’s UI - Tivo, Recast, Channel Master, AirTV, even HDHomeRun if you count the option of Plex or Channels UI’s - they all have that on their latest versions.

Of course it’s totally on an aesthetic level, but it just feels more up to date / sophisticated. It brings an ease of recognition and familiarity to the user experience. Seeing as nearly all the competing peers now have it, the Tablo UI now kind of sticks out as the one who doesn’t.

Hey, I know that maybe to some, the suggestion might sound vain. But I think visual experience, branding, etc - are also things that resonate with potential new subscribers. Adding that could be just as much a benefit to Tablo as it is a pleasing feature to its users.

Other than it taking up some screen real-estate, not a bad idea. But, as you say, it’s purely aesthetic so certainly not a very high priority.

OTOH, I rarely ever look at that screen. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think screen real estate would be a hurdle. Adding small icons couldn’t diminish the guide’s functional info in a significant way.

But aesthetics do matter, especially when you’re competing with other services for attracting new clients / subscribers. The look, feel, ease of recognition, familiarity - all tie in to the user experience. To me, all indications are that Tablo wants new customers / subscriptions.

Though I get that current users may not see a need, details like these do get weighed when new customers are comparing. I definitely noticed the no-logos. Fortunately Tablo has other traits that make it the better fit specifically for us. But if I had even slightly different needs, something like this have might swayed me in another direction.

I don’t disagree with your “pleasing aesthetics”, or modern look comments.

I did a quick search “comparing OTA DVR”. I didn’t completely read each, but skimming through, I didn’t come accross much mention of the UI. Yea, bit surprised. Probably there are basic presumptions… Still, these devices are marketed as DVRs. Their primary purpose is for Recording, secondary I guess, is watching.
Or maybe there’s some licensing copyright thing to deal with.

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I’m sure there’s always red tape with copyright matters, though I’d think that would be something under the agreement with the guide data provider - between them and the networks.

As for the DVR reviews out there, believe me, I read so many of them in detail. Tablo actually gets a lot of compliments on its UI. There were two or three out of like 15 reviews I read, that specifically talked about guide icons.

The comparisons I read are mostly from enthusiasts / power-user POV (which makes sense, because when do average end-users start doing cord-cutter and/or DVR blogs, lol…) So those reviews really get more into the functionality / performance, and pricing - though I saw that part skipped a few times, too. (i.e. blogger forgets who they’re writing reviews for).

Anyway, I’m just saying it would be an improvement, one that is “seen” every day it’s used. Might call it a nice aesthetic next-step / perk in Tablo’s evolving as it reaches more subscribers like it did me. :sunglasses:

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