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Is there a way to skip 24 hours ahead in guide, and or enter date to skip to?

No. But if using a Roku, clicking on the >> button will skip ahead 1 or 1.5 hours rather than just half hour increments with the right directional arrow.

If you need to look for shows later in the week, the best way is to use the search features in the TV Shows, Movies, Sports, etc sections. That will show when every episode (if any) are showing in the next 14 days.

If you are referring to the Live TV Grid, the answer is that it depends on the app you’re using, and if you have a paid guide data subscription.

If you do not have a subscription, you can only access the next 24 hours of guide airings regardless of app.

If you do have one, on certain apps like Roku and Android TV/Fire TV, the answer is yes! You can navigate to the top area of the grid (on Roku, it’s the bar that shows the times, and on Android TV/Fire TV apps it’s the one that shows the date) and click the right directional arrow to move forward by the day in 24 hour chunks.


Roku 3930 – Is that the beta guide? I have full service (just bought Tablo) not at home to try now, was going to see what the beta was like but left it off, till I got used to the Tablo in general, so left it off. On guide I have now won’t go up into top bar, I tried that not for this but assumed it would go there and do something.

Yes, make sure that toggle is set to ON. That way you can scroll forward in your grid for 14 days, including the ability to skip forward through days as I mentioned above.

Cool. I learned something new. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Tablo is getting more and more like I’m used to.

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