Guide is always wrong

I rescan my four tuner Tablo and the channel guide comes out perfect for about one second after the last channel is scanned. Then, the Tablo servers step in and change most of the channels to something totally wrong. Dave in support tells me this is normal for my area (NW AZ very rural) because there are so many channels using the same digital call sign. Nothing can be done according to support. That’s the way Tablo works. Whatever happened to Cord-Cutting? When I bought this Tablo (2017, didn’t start using until recently) it was on the recommendation of cord cutter sites that said it was the best. Why does Tablo management refuse to accept my channel scan? What good is a rescan feature if Tablo (or their 3rd party guide provider) decide my scan isn’t what they want me to see? Just accept the blankety blank stuff we give you and like it or lump it. This is why I left Dish.
Tablo four tuner
Gigabit cable modem
Linksys AC9500 router
Vizio tv
Sony Bravia tv
No guide subscription (cancelled lifetime subscription due to the above problem.

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In settings try changing your location to a nearby postal code that might not have as many overlapping stations and then rescan and then click add to guide.


Why does Tablo management refuse to accept my channel scan?

Maybe because they are Canadian and don’t like The Ugly Amercian. Or at least that’s what I learned from the movie.

Maybe tablo management spends part of each day sitting in a room messing with various customers.

Or maybe you have multiple channels sharing the same physical channel and the channel scan picks the strongest channel because it’s impossible to tune the weaker one.

Thanks for replying. Yes done that. Also rebooted everything twice and put the Tablo in support mode for the techs to have a look. No help. I believe Tablo thinks this is a feature. They planned it to work like this so they can sell the stats and user info. Why else would they require an internet connection?

No cigar, the channel guide is wrong not the reception. I get all the channels they reset to, they are channels in my area they just don’t have the correct call sign after the server(?) erases my scan and substitutes what it wants. Reception is not a problem. Thanks for playing Zippy.