Guide Information MIA (32-1 YESTV-H)

I bought a two tuner Tablo a few weeks ago and out grew it very fast so I exchanged it for a four tuner.

Here’s where the problem came to light, with the two tuner model I had guide information for 32-1 YESTV-H, with the four tuner I don’t. I can tune to the channel without problems.

I setup both tuners the same way by entering my postal code.

Any suggestions? I’ve tried reloading the guide numerous times with no success.


Enter the postal code again. Reboot the Tablo. Wait 24 hours.

Or just open a Support Ticket with Tablo to have the guide data for that channel added to your postal code.

Also do you mean channel 36-1? Not 32-1?

@NeXT - You can also try an adjacent postal code in the meantime.

I had the same problem with that channel and I did a postal code closer to Hamilton and it worked fine. This was for 36-1 though. If you are indeed talking about 32-1 from what I can see that is YesTV in calgary so you’d want to pick a postal code closer to there