Guide for roku player guide is nice until Tablo has there update.You enter zip code and all your local channels will show up.From there set up you favorites for the channels you receive…watch tv 

Thanks - just added it.  I ended up taking the channels I really get and making them favorites, since I only have a Mohu Leaf and not an outdoor antenna.

Your welcome

Where do you pull the data from?  The 17-5 schedule appears to be correct - I’ll wait for the weekend and compare the printed schedule to the guide. IF it is correct, perhaps a better source of guide info that what @TabloTV currently uses.

Just put zip in then select antenna or local .You will have a choice of Time warner or what ever else is in your area. My guide is dead on. You will find this is a very useful tool.

I got it setup - it’s just the guide on the Android phone where I set up recordings or the web based one the guide has the correct times only EASTERN while Austin is Central.  @TabloTV is working with their provider. 

How about moving to the CAROLINAS...........LOL

I like my OTA, , and Escape.  Buzr is coming the end of May.  There is also Retro TV.  What OTA stations do you have?

I have about 45 channels.I only watch about 12 stations that I saved on tablo guide.It seems to make everything faster that way

bounce, get tv all locals,its all I need

Nice alternative. Thanks!

I love MeTV and AntennaTV … I am a retro TV junkie…

We (my family) were discussing the “fast paced humor” of shows like “Gilmore Girls” and in particular the similarity to “Green Acres” with regards to speed of line delivery (lots of humor in small time frame).  Of course GA only had 22min. and they also had the old retro centric laugh track…  it’s still a very good show and worth while seeing again just because of the things you miss.