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Hey @TabloTV or @TabloSupport

What is going on?  And I kicked off an update which is just sitting at 0%

Ok, update, just refreshed my browser and it was at 55% and seems to be updating. But still, I shouldn’t have to do it manually.

Again another reason for alerts :wink:

@Jestep Hm, that’s weird. I’ll chat with the engineers and inquire why your Tablo didn’t get its guide update.

@TabloSupport, it’s happened to me about 3 times over the last 4 months. So not a huge deal, but… :wink:

How often is the Guide supposed to update?

How often is the Guide supposed to update?

Once a day, usually early in the morning (1 AM or so)

My guide never updates on it’s own. I have to manually update it. Is there a setting I’m missing?

You may just want to try rebooting the Tablo.  It should always update every morning.  If rebooting doesn’t help, open a ticket with the support folks.


@snowcat Agreed. Try a reboot - just tap and release the blue reset button on the back right of the Tablo.
If you still have this issue, let me know. It should update every night, the only thing that really prevents this is the network it’s on.

That may be the issue then. I have the Tablo along with my TV on a timer. Everything shuts off at about 11pm and back on again at 10am Pacific time. What time does the guide update?

@TabloSupport, this may be another feature request. If I or @fraleyfoto in this case, turn everything off at night Tablo should be smart enough to know hey I have not updated guide info in x number of days so try again. And then send a notification if I can’t :wink:

@Jestep Will pass this along :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, though - the Tablo will check again and download any missing guide data the next night. It won’t just always be missing X number of days if it misses a night. If you miss 3 nights because it’s unplugged, it will grab everything it’s missed when you re-attach the power when it does its next overnight guide pop.

@fraleyfoto, it updates around 3 AM to 4 AM in my time zone (CDT), and I am pretty sure it does it the same for each time zone.   

You did find an interesting issue with the Tablo. It looks like if it is powered off when the update is scheduled, it just doesn’t update.  So if you are powering it off every night, then you will have to manually update the guide, or you need to have it turn on around 3 AM instead of 10 AM.

Possible solutions from a software side would be to have a user-configurable update time or have the Tablo automatically do an update on power up if the guide hasn’t been updated in 24 hours.

@fraleyfoto Woops - I didn’t see your post!

This certainly would cause some issues. Around 3-4 AM local time the Tablo updates its guide - but it’s doing quite a bit of maintenance and file system clearing as well. It waits until this time to do this in order not to slow down user operations. 

So, if your Tablo hasn’t been active overnight, it likely has quite a bit of maintenance to do, and if it doesn’t get a chance, it could lead to some issues down the line.

The Tablo is designed to be left powered on consistently - if the concern here is how much power its using, we’re using roughly 15 watts with a disk attached. This isn’t very much - we’ve seen ‘smart’ power bar timers take more.

I have been having some glitchy issues, but contributed that to the new ios. I will plug it into direct power. Thanks.

Last week I had two nights of recordings not record.  I realized that the guide had not updated during those two days, and because I do not subscribe to a guide and only get 24 hours of free guide at a time, the guide goes completely blank if it doesn't update.  That would explain why the recordings did not record, I guess? Once I manually updated the guide it resumed working, but I have been checking daily to make sure the guide is updating.  This makes me nervous if I ever have to go out of town and can't check the guide updates. What if it doesn't update and nothing records while I'm away?  I have never unplugged the Tablo since setting it up.  The only thing different during those two days is that I was very busy and never used the live tv stream or watched anything that was previously recorded.  Is it possible it didn't update because I did not use it at all?  But I did access the app on my ipad to set up the recordings during that time.  I know they were set up correctly because I set them to recur weekly and they still showed up in my recording schedule even though nothing recorded.  Hopefully, it was just a one-time glitch, but I will post here if it happens again.     

@dvras - contact the support about the problems.  Unless your signal receiption is iffy, that doesn’t seem quite right.

@dvras If this does crop up again, let me know ASAP and we can check your Tablo’s logs to see what’s going on.