Guide data question ref. two Tablos

So I have two Tablo Duals and they are working fine. I use one as ‘primary’ and it records most of my shows. The second Tablo is a sort of back stop if I get a conflict (3 shows in the same time slot, etc). My question is if I don’t log into the second Tablo for awhile, will the guide data on that one be current? I’m guessing no, but I would like to be sure.

It would be really nice if these things could sync in the background as well, but that’s a wish list item I suppose.

The guide data on the Tablo will be current, but depending on which client you connect from it might take a while to sync.

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Yes the guide data is downloaded automatically every night by the Tablo during its overnight maintenance.

No need to log into it. Just make sure it’s connected to a live internet connection.

Ok, thanks, nice to know. If they can do background guide data, why can’t they do background sync as well?

Sync is to the client. Assumes the client and app are up all the time.