Guide Data Missing for 89410 Zipcode

Attn: Tablo Support

Guide data is missing for the subject zip code. Please have your guide data provider add them.

46-1 KRNS-CD
46-2 LATV
46-3 Escape “NEW”
46-4 Bounce “NEW”

I used a zipcode (89701) of a city north of me closer to the broadcasters and two of the channels guide data showed up, but two of the new ones did not. I used several zipcodes in the same valley as me and they were also in need of updating. Those were 89460 and 89423.


Open a support ticket, and they’ll do it:

Suggest open a support ticket by emailing

Include zip code and it will give an automatic response. Sometime Monday they should contact you or you could call them. It takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. Hopefully on the early side for you.

I submitted a ticket. Thanks!