Guide data missing for 2.11 for 74137 zip code

Here in Tulsa we have a main channel 2.1 KJRH NBC that broadcasts on VHF. Unfortunately there is currently so much RF interference that we cannot bring in a usable signal on 2.1 or any sub-channels. However, I found that there is a channel 2.11 KJRH that is broadcast on UHF that we can receive. It is a simulcast of 2.1 and is actually a sub-channel of 44.1 KTPX. (They are owned by the same company.) However, there is no guide available for this channel (2.11). This makes if very difficult to schedule a recording or to see what is on. I was wondering if you could somehow fix this and add guide info for 2.11 which would simply be a copy of the 2.1 guide info. Thanks.

If you send our team a note, we can open up a ticket for you with our guide data provider.

In the meantime maybe try some neighboring ZIP codes? A little bit of a long shot, but easy to try.

Note sent. Thank you.