Guide data missing after upgrading subscription

I upgraded my subscription from yearly to lifetime but now my account shows no subscription and my Tablo no longer shows ability to view guide data. They took my 149.99 and left me with nothing. Being the weekend, I can’t get assistance until Monday. Very frustrating!

You could always reboot the tablo and then use the refresh the subscription button.

Have you tried going to, click on My Account and log into your account and verify that your Lifetime Subscription is active and that your Tablo ID# is correctly listed. If everything appears to be correct, then I would suggest quickly pressing the reset button on the Tablo to force it to reboot. If that doesn’t work, you may just have to wait until Monday when the Tablo Support Team is back at work.

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When I check my account online, it no longer shows an active subscription although it does show a paid invoice of $149.99 for lifetime subscription. I also pressed the reset button on the Tablo (a few times) to reboot and then Refresh but that didn’t work either. It is VERY frustrating that I paid for a service but can’t get assistance from Tablo support on the weekend. I have lost all my scheduled recordings for the next two weeks and must manually schedule my recordings for this evening (and tomorrow if this doesn’t get fixed soon). If this doesn’t get fixed soon and I have to manually enter everything, I may just ask for my money back and do it all myself.

Thanks for your time and suggestions.

Maybe your payment is lost in some kind of pending state with the card vendor. I’ve seen that before.

I’m still not finding the info about upgrading everyone often mentions with a lifetime subscription.

What do I get for my subscription? shows Basic and w/Subscription no tiers

How much does the Program Guide Data Subscription cost? Doesn’t mention anything about “upgrades” for purchasing a lifetime subscription either.

What upgrade am I missing?

Sounds like you waited til the last minute to update maybe…could that have anything to do with it?

It is a new payment portal. I’m sure it will burp a few times.

There is no “Upgrade” just a different way of paying for the same service. Wether you pay by the month, yearly or purchase a lifetime subscription, you get the same benefits.

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It might be useful to provide an “upgrade” option to move from monthly to yearly, or from yearly to lifetime. It would be a great opportunity to offer some sort of incentive to do the upgrade, versus signing up for a new subscription, entering credit card all over, and the like. It wouldn’t be a terrible idea to provide a discount at the same time…just saying.

Update/payment was completed a few days before the deadline. Again, frustrating because for people that work, the weekend is when I do my personal business and if would be great if the service providers recognized that and had their personnel available for a few hours on the weekend as well.

Hoping I get some resolution tomorrow.

I have lost Guide service also when updating subscription.
No resolution yet. Did all of the things as stated above.
Calling tablo tomorrow

Same here - current subscription (monthly) not yet expired. Payment for yearly, and now NO subscription.