Guide data incorrect, incomplete, waiting for update for 6 weeks

I got my Tablo about 6 weeks ago. Withing a couple days I decided that the guide data wasn’t going to update correctely so I contacted customer service. They said they would contact the guide data people and have them update the guide for my zip code and that it should work in “a couple days.” When my 30 day trial was to expire, I contacted them again and asked what the deal was. They said they would check and it should update in a couple days, and in the meantime, they extended my trial for another 30 days. That was 2 weeks ago and it still is just as incorrect and incomplete as it was the day I bought the Tablo. Has anyone had similar experiences? I’m just wondering if I may as well sell the Tablo and go with a different brand. It is basically useless to me withouth the guide.

@ktgross - So sorry to hear that. :frowning: I’ll check with support on the status of your ticket and ask them to send a nastygram over to the guide data folks.

In the meantime, have you tried to use a different nearby zip code to see if you can get at least some guide data coming through?

I have tried other nearby zipcodes. It changes the data, but that data is just as bad as the data for my zip code.

@ktgross - The guide data provider has found the correct stations, they’re just waiting on the data from the broadcasters themselves. So sorry this is taking longer than usual. :frowning:

So, it’s been 8 weeks now and my second month of free guide has expired. At least one of the channels shows the correct guide data… I see that Channelmaster has a sale for black Friday. Anyone want to buy a nearly unused Tablo?

Dual tuner or Quad tuner?

Do you KNOW if Channelmaster has guide data for your channels? I know that the guide provider that @TabloCEO picked does things in a strange way and needs your zip code. I wish he had picked TitanTV instead, but it is to late for @TabloTV to change (at least that’s what has been said). I’m still waiting for guide data for one channel, IONTV 36-3. I searched multiple guide providers online and the ONLY ONE that has it is TitanTV, which leads me to believe that TitanTV uses common sense as their method of adding stations. IF a station identifies itself as IONTV, then they simply put the IONTV programming into that channel instead of waiting for IONTV to tell the guide provider “hey guide provider, by the way we finally got around to adding channel 36-3 in Austin, TX to the list of stations that are IONTV”. In fact, Zap2IT has a facebook page, and I posted the problem there. They said they would contact their provider. I also found a phone number for IONTV and called, leaving a voice message.

Dual tuner

I don’t KNOW about channelmaster’s guide data. I do KNOW that Tablo has been unable to provide correct data after 2 months.

Thanks - sorry I’m looking for a quad tuner to add to my current dual tuner.

@ktgross - So sorry it’s taking so long to get those two channels added for you. We’ve extended your trial again and have poked at our data provider as well to find out why there’s been such a long delay.

Yes, there are 2 channels showing no data, but many of the ones showing data are incorrect.

@ktgross - Hrm… Your app may need to do a resync in that case and/or your time settings may be wrong. The support team would be happy to help you troubleshoot that:

Have you tried using a nearby zipcode instead of the one you’re trying to use? Sometimes that’s able to pull in any data you might be missing while we wait on the provider.