Guide Data for 7.1 KGO in San Francisco, CA is Missing

@TabloSupport I noticed last night that the guide data for channel 7.1 KGO in San Francisco, CA is completely missing. I updated the guide data last night and nothing. I upgraded my Tablo4 to the latest firmware now and did another guide update and still nothing. Can you check with the listings provider to see what’s going on? I checked with TitanTV and also TVGuide and they both have current listings for 7.1. Thanks.

Just a follow up in case anyone else is experiencing this. I got this from Tablo Support and it worked:

Can you try removing the channel that is missing guide data in your channel line up by selecting on ‘Edit channel lineup’ button in ‘Settings’ under ‘Guide’ from a Google Chrome web browser and going to the URL Once the Channel list comes up, deselect the channels in question and hit ‘Add to Guide’. After, go back into the channel lineup list and hit ‘Re-scan’, wait for the channels to populate and then hit ‘Add to Guide’.