Guide changing between same named channels

I’ve been having trouble during rain events receiving a particular channel, 13-2, named “K5”, for which I’ve always received a correct guide.

I also see “K5” on channel 6-1 from a different source. If I discover it with a channel search, and select it for display in the guide, I don’t see any channel information.

I would like the guide to update 6-1 to the same information provided for 13-2.

Unselecting 13-2 doesn’t cause this to occur, nor does scanning for new channels, selecting 6-1, and then updating the guide.

Is this a guide problem, or a Tablo software issue?


Sounds like it’s probably a guide provider issue. I would open a ticket with @TabloSupport.

Well, after doing the channel scan a second time, saving that scan, and then doing a manual guide update, the guide information is now showing on 6-1.

Is there a restriction to the number of channels with the same information that can be displayed at any given time? Is their some subtlety on how this works that I missed?

Is it possible that the first time you added it to your selected channels but the guide update hadn’t yet occurred?

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Tablo tech support told me 500gb would work