Guide anomalies, Gen4 vs Legacy Ethernet Quad

There are multiple differences between the Gen 4 and Legacy guides. Most of the differences are ahown in the post scan gen 4 screen shot below.

  1. Channel 33.5 is an example of a missing channel logo. There are others in the screen shot

  2. GRIT shows in 3 places on Gen 4 and 2 on the legacy quad. 68.3 is not in the screen shot.
    Channels 33.3 and 68.3 are duplicates in both guides and actual played content.
    Channel 49.3 shows as GRIT in the Gen 4 guide but, it is really Court TV on the legacy quad.

  3. Channels 47.3, 47.4 and 47.5 are missing from the Gen 4 guide though they are present on my legacy quad. All 3 are on thesame transmitter.

Legacy pos scan photo below

There are several channels that show up in 2 places in the guide. Some duplicates show up suddenly while others get dropped. The ota market will be in flux for a while leases for transmitter space will expire while new leases are signed. Channels will be moving around for a while until groups like Scripp and Sinclair get all of their channels consolidated. I rescan once a week to catch changes.

The new white Tablo has a built in amp, try turning it on and off and redoing the scans maybe. For the dupe channels just unselect them and hopefully the couple channels come back by playing with the built in amp. Also be careful scanning to much as you can really mess up the channel list at least with the older Quad. I doubled mine :rofl: before and messed up the list.

FWIW, I tested a TiVo Bolt, HDHR Flex, Tablo Quad , white Tablo and Zapperbox and they all received within 2 channels of each other. So in MY area and setup I noticed no real channel differences.

Hi @astrojimbo Can you put both of your units in remote access mode? The team would like to take a closer look and see what’s happening here.

@TabloTV Done. I figured this deserves attention because Gen 4 uses a different guide provider than the legacy Tablo. Differences in the metadata can cause problems.

@astrojimbo We’re able to get to your 4th gen but not your legacy device.

Can you power cycle it and put it back into remote access?


Got 'em both! Thanks.

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