Guide and DVR worked in trial. Now that I paid it won’t record and I only get 24 hrs appearing in guide-live TV format

I set up Tablo Dual Lite easily and during trial period it recorded most shows requested. Now that trial period ended and I paid for subscription it will not record shows. Also, when I look at “Live TV “ guide, I only see 24 hours of shows listed. I have a hard drive connected from initial setup. In settings, it tells me to remove hard drive for cloud dvr to work.

  1. Why now won’t it record?
  2. Why am I being instructed to disconnect hard drive when it clearly told me to connect one in initial set up?
    I feel like I am missing something and this is probably “operator error”.

The live TV grid only shows 24 hours at a time. See below.

“ Have questions about your Tablo guide data subscription?
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  • Only see 1 day of guide data?
    The Live TV grid guide will always show 24 hours of data. The additional 13 days are split up into the Primetime, TV shows, Movies and Sports tabs.”

The Live TV Guide / Grid extends to 24 hours. The GUIDE Tab lists individual programs for two weeks out. When you browse through, click on a particular program, you can then view that show’s Episodes for the next two weeks and yes, you may select one (or all) to record.

Thanks theuser86. I missed that.

Thanks ben1. I misunderstood. Now if I could just get it to record again. …

If you already have an External Hard Drive, why not use that, rather than the Cloud DVR? What I would do would be to plug in the Hard Drive, let the Tablo format it for it’s use and forget the Cloud DVR.

Your Tablo is reporting that the drive is attached now. Are recordings still failing? If they are, are they showing up as failed recordings with an error message of some kind, or are they just not taking place at all?

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