Green Dots on Tablo

I have just one green dot on my tablo since day one. I have a clear stream 4v antenna and receive 20 channels on tablo guide. Over the air on tv I receive fifty plus channels from Beaumont and Houston. I see where many of you have four or five green dots.

Does the antenna go directly into the Tablo or is it split between Tablo and TV using a splitter?

BTW the C4 is an excellent antenna. Everyone I know that has one usually gets 80 to 100% signal strength on most channels.

I have it split with a 2 way splinter, just rescanned for channels over the air now shows 90 channels, but tablo still shows maybe 20 channels. I don’t receive channel 11 from Houston all the time but channel 6 in Beaumont is cubs also

What would happen if you plugged the antenna directly into the Tablo without splitting the signal (and rescan)? Might be worth a try…

Maybe the f connectors aren’t properly seated or the port on the switch is marginal. Why not swap switch ports and see if number of channels discovered on both devices remains the same.

I have to break down and install another antenna, trying to receive Beaumont and Houston is going to take two antennas instead of trying to split between the the two cities