Great Support there guys

Love it. Just got my tablo. Ran into an issue so I called tech Support at 4:45PM, well before they closed. Waited 45 minutes on hold then got sent to voicemail. What a great way to be treated as a new customer. SO glad I can return this thing. First time last time

Sorry you got sent to voicemail. Not sure if you have returned your Tablo yet or not, but there are many knowledgeable folks here that might be able to help. What issue were you having?

Yup, they are successful enough with a quality product, there is no need to extend live support beyond conventional business hours (eastern time) during weekdays. Been proved over the years. :neutral_face:

Sadly you’ve discovered the struggles potential users are confronted with :frowning:

Best way to get your message across – with your $$ :heavy_heart_exclamation:

It’s not about knowledgeable folks helping. It is the point that I waited on hold for a VERY long time and then at 530 you sent me to voicemail. That is infuriating. If I knew this was they kind of service I would have received I wouldnt have bought this in the first place.

I am buying a recast and returning YOUR product tomorrow. I’d rather spend $50 more on a product where people actually pick up the phone when you call

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Too bad you didn’t come to the forums first. It would have solved a lot of your issues and you would have known that tech support ends at a certain time no matter how many calls are queued up.

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I shouldnt have to go to the forums…Tech Support should PICK UP when you call, not send you to voicemail after waiting FOURTY FIVE minutes on hold.

UPS picked up this crap today and I am getting my recast in about an hour

Good luck with the Recast.

You should have to go to Tech Support… just to use your new device :neutral_face:

Yea, if you think it’s necessary, “to have to go” somewhere @snowcat and friends probably may have gotten you answers in minutes …even if you don’t “think” it’s right. Depends what more important to some - being right, or getting things working right …now.

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You’re right, djk…I should go to the forums for a HARDWARE issue. I guess I never set something up before. Have no idea what I’m doing. never installed anything. yeah…go to the forums for a hardware issue. I’ll remember that next time I buy a defective piece of hardware.

Well, if it’s defective - hardware - what would Tech Support do? Send you another quicker than returning it and getting a whole new device?

If you’ve already determined it’s a defective hardware issue, you just want them to say “yup, you’re right, defective hardware” you sure are smart

If something wasn’t working right, they may have been able to assist, but if it’s blatantly defective - it’s broke.

You seem informed, yet surprised - it’s kind’a clear:

If the team is busy helping other customers, or you’re calling on an evening or weekend, you’ll be asked to leave a message

and right here - -

“Ask Other Tablo Users”

so why so much forum grief? They direct you here for assistance, it’s not like a place for, well just seems you think it’s awful to ask other’s for assistance. Then again, if you already know it’s broken, we’d tell ya.

Out of curiosity, what exactly was the issue(s) you encountered?

I guess I’m not as smart as you dk.

Sure as heck enjoying my recast. Much better hardware. Better app. Better interface. Faster response Love how I can scroll right an not have to WAIT forever for it to populate the next screen.

I cant wait to see what kind of response you send now to make me feel even more inadequate

:monkey: walks into a forum…
They were mean to me :tired_face:
My feelings got hurt :disappointed_relieved:
I’m mad as hell and I want everyone to know it :rage:
I don’t care what anyone has to say now, no one would talk to me when I wanted them too :weary:
Stop being mean - I knew what I was doing, but I the should haven’t been so mean :broken_heart:

:sob: You shouldn’t keep responding, so I don’t have to keep responding to you responding to me responding to your replies… :cry:

I hesitate to respond to this and perpetuate this thread but I can understand his frustration… It is very frustrating to call ANY company and be put on hold for 45 minutes and then essentially get hung up on. That was only one of the reasons I left DirecTV. With today’s technology, it would seem to me that the phone system at Tablo could be programmed to change the message you hear at some point before closing to tell you that because of the queue, your call might not get answered today and you might want to leave a message or send an email to support or… If that was the message, I suspect he MIGHT not have been so upset.


I completely agree with it all - supporting today’s technology… support should transcend the boundaries of timezones and weekday!

Nuvyyo should have the analytics, how quickly (long) issues get processed. How many calls get dropped, tired of waiting. How many never make it through, end of day. How many missed calls over the weekend.

Doing the math can only spectate, they have it covered? You only hear about hurt feelings? The general public understands networking and are familiar “TV stuff” well enough there’s no need to expand live tech support. @TabloCEO doesn’t want to cut into profits? do tech companies really limit live tech support to traditional bossiness hours and days in just one timezone?