Grayed out settings option

Ok so now Im asking the community if anyone has any ideas why my Tablo is having problems getting to the settings window on my Mac Book pro using Safari as well as my iPhone and iPad are also unable to get to the settings window so I can remove some channels.

I got this item about 2 months ago and I have been emailing multiple time to the support staff but they are not sure whats going on why I can’t get to the settings. Now Im reaching out to the community to see if you guys have any ideas on what I can do.

The only thing I have not tried is to remove the hard drive and connect up a new hard drive but If I am not mistaken that means all my TV shows I have saved will be gone and I will have to start all over again subscribing to shows. If I remove the drive and start over can I go back to the old drive and still see the info?

Im lost here I had two choices ether do the homerun and setup the channels for OTA to my NAS or get the Tablo. I do really like the idea that the Tablo is one unit and not multiple points of failure so I went this route but without getting access to the settings Its making me feel like I have ADHD not having access to something I should so I can even remove them Spanish channels in my TV guide well I search for stuff.

Any help in trouble shooting this would be a great help.

Can you please delete the Tablo app off your iPad and/or iPhone? Re-install the app and then try connecting to the Tablo. This will reset things at the playback/setup device end. Let us know how it goes.

How you also tried rebooting (aka power cycling) your Tablo?

Yes I have deleted and reinstalled the app as well as on my MacBook Pro I installed another browser Chrome to see if it was just an apple problem.

I have rebooted the the Tablo many times as well as put the unit into a mode that the support people can go in and edit stuff but at this point I’m not sure where to go.

btw thank you for the reply back.

@Lee_Sheppard Is your Tablo using the most recent (2.2.12) update?
Are you able to access the Settings screen at, using another device?

Yes its Tablo Firmware 2.2.12. A guy named Sam with support updated it trying to figure this out.

The last word I hard from him was we might have to do a factory reset and that he has changed just about everything he can control at his end thats why I asked about if I disconnect the drive and connect up another drive.

Basically I’m wondering If I swap out with another hard drive are all the settings on the drive so I could maybe swap out the drive this weekend and watch the few shows I have recorded or is it where the settings are in the Tablo so once I reset the factory settings I will loose all the shows.

I really don’t care about the recording schedule as I can recreate that.

Hope this makes sense and I am also trying to figure out another solution as well.

I started talking to support on Oct 6th and the last time I sent an email was on Nov 4th with screenshot images of my screens showing its grayed out on an iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro with two different browsers Chrome and Safari.

The Tablo database is stored physically on the Tablo itself, not the attached USB HDD so I doubt swapping out the HDD will change anything.

You have to factory reset your Tablo.

Thanks for letting me know. I guess Ill have to reset and start over.

Thank you for letting me know