Got shows recorded, but when I want to play them it locks up my android

I have Tablo 2, with chromecast in HDMI 2 port on Vizio 55", Samsung Galaxy s4…got Tablo hooked up and on line. got Tablo app and loaded to s4. Clicked “record all NFL” all set. 2 games recorded, and when I try to play, ( instructions coming from my s4") the s4 screen locks up. uninstalled and re-loaded Tablo on s4…same issue.
Tried same with ipad instead of s4…same issue. Comes up, just like s4, push play, and locks up ipad.
So NFL games are there, just waiting to be played and they just won’t start. No internet or router issues.
DId I do something wrong?

Do you have any other standalone devices to try? Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or Nexus Player?

I had something similar happen when watching NBC News on FireTV stick. After a few minutes it ended. Rather than expirement, I watched it on Roku 3 and it worked. Tried again on FireTV stick and it worked. I know what mine can be caused by. One of two things. A new channel I installed or because it is beta. I’ll keep a watch on it and if beta problem will post there.

86 and Beast…I just tried it again and it worked. Have no idea what changed…just clicked on the game this time and it opened…also the Chromecast kicked in and I cast it to the 55" PERFECT. Thanks for your help.

FYI I do have FIRETV and that works already…