Got my new attic high gain antenna! Whoo hoo


Yeah I know what you mean by “tweak.” I played around with the reflector rod sizes tweaking them for maximum frequency wavelength to emphasize the channels I wanted most. Used $2 PVC pipes for framework and leftover copper wiring (6 gauge).


’ Yes, I to tweaked and final result below. Tvfool…and my compass pointed to 150deg. Great site
CMaster 4 port dist amp…no preamp need 17-20 miles…towers… getting 20 720 P channels and about 30…480 P …all 50 full 5 green dots :eye:
DB4Bowtie ant…i have wrapped the coax connection in electrical tape and black plastic ties.

I may need to get a thicker diameter pvc pipe or 3/4 in. Aluminum pole, I know, pipe would look better than pvc… to extend…dont want to too high…winds here…monsoon…phx AZ
Tablo, 4 tuner…1 gig WD passport …asus 68 u ac router…cox cable…100 meg service…only internet…no other services thru cox.

Update…Aluminum pole…5ft above roof height




@CraigRoyce What is so great with the CM 4228? I would somehow look at the 4251 more, I had great results typically with directional “BBQ grills” like the 4251.

On a side note, could someone aim 2 of the bays of a 4228 to another tower? Or are those meant to be only used as 4 bays pointing to 1 source? How do you calculate the total gain of the 4 bays pointing at the same source? 2 in 1 is 3dB, so what would 2x(2in1) in 1 give… 4.5dB ?



@Tom_C You receive 50 channels? :bow:


Yes, that was total but, i only added the 5 green dot 720’and 480 which comes to 21 channels so this has changed…from above post…50…The red and yellow I did not bother to add
Update, uluminum pole… looks better and will wear better than PVC overtime. 5 ft above roof height.
Sorry i cant chime in on your issue, someone more knowledgeable perhaps can interject.


@Tom_C I get 12 full strength channels. Talk about selection difference…
I’m a little green with envy. :alien:


How far are you from the towers, i forgot. What did tvfool say you MAY get? You may want to try that eve mount and get the antenna as high as you can then rescan.:grinning:


I’m getting all channels I can get. There’s 1 edge signal I don’t, but it’s another repeater of a channel I get. We just don’t have many here, that’s all. :frowning:


I see, as long as you are happy with what you can watch now, that’s all that matters.