Google Fiber + Tablo TV = Income

I am looking for someone who has Google Fiber (unlimited high speed internet) to house my Tablo TV. I am looking for a person who is in a big city (gets tons of off air channels) and who already has a TabloTV system up and running.

I of course would require to access the box remotely to stream content.

I would be willing to pay a yearly fee for the care and feeding of my Tablo TV. I was thinking of $100 per year.

Interested? Drop me a line and we can talk.

So are you streaming that much away from your house where you’d need this setup? is OTA signal not good in your area?

You know that you’d have to pair locally and if there are issues with the sync, you’d need to be there locally to re-sync?

Even at $100, not sure if I would do it if I had good Fiber.

Pairing is one of the biggest issues here. I’d love to be able to set up a Tablo at my brother’s house, who lives back east so that I could get the network feeds 3 hours earlier, but if the pairing breaks for some reason, it’s either a trip cross country, or going through the mail there and back. Not an appealing thought.

The other issue is that it starts to look like the old Aereo business model, which unfortunately, the supreme court ruled against. This is slightly different, though, as it would be your own equipment rather than Aereo’s, which you’ve simply set up in a different place.

Couldn’t you setup a VPN with your brother? That way when you lose the connection, you just VPN back in so it’s like you are on his network

Thanks for the feedback. Maybe someone from Tablo support could comment on the pairing issues.

I am looking at getting programming that is not available in my area.

Without a Login feature (replaces sync) I don’t see this being feasible. Like most feature requests here, there isn’t an ETA.

VPN may be an option for syncing but I’m not sure I’d let some stranger VPN to my Network.

Also, with all the troubleshooting I’d be doing (I’ve done my share with Tablo), I’d need to be compensated for my time for working on someone elses set up. Thats just my take on the offer.

You’d also be considered a “re-broadcaster” if you’re being paid…which didn’t turn out so well for Aereo… :grinning:

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HA! Good Point.

If it was for family I’d maybe do it. Another factor, if I told my SO that I was troubleshooting someone else’s Tablo instead of doing something else around the house, I’d be in the dog house quickly.

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I think Aero tried something like this and was shutdown by the supreme court. Unless it’s a relative who would do it for free I think you might run into legal problems.

Ok, ignoring the fact that yeah, this probably violates some code/law/legal crap somewhere…

Aereo was a company advertising a subcription service. Of course they got supreme court attention. This is small potatoes and would likely fly nowhere near anyones radar.

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to play devils advocate…Yep, totally worth the risk if there is an issue… $100 is worth it

I didn’t mention that my brother isn’t very technical… trying to walk him through setting up a VPN tunnel on his router could be a challenge. Likely, his first question would be, What’s a router?

@George_Shafer, see my post “Second Tablo at Second Site” to get more info on this. I just got all this setup over the weekend but there are definitely some caveats to be aware of due to pairing.