Good News for Windows Phone users

For all you independent-thinking contrarians out there who use Windows phone, it appears that the good folks at Tablo have not completely ignored you.

After you have upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile, launch in the Microsoft Edge versions that comes with the upgrade. Once you have endured the long “Connecting” delay and the annoying “Syncing” process, touch the three-bar icon in the upper left corner of the screen, then scroll down to Settings. Once “Settings” opens, scroll down to “Advanced,” where you will find an option “Force external video player”. Select it.

Another (much shorter) “Connecting” delay will occur, after which you touch the three-bar icon again and select “Live TV.” You will then see the channel list… unfortunately without the guide. Selecting any of the channels produces a screen with a large button “Launch external player.” When you touch it, the screen switches to the player with the live TV broadcast for the channel, and you have available all the play, pause and rewind functionality you would want. Even better, the player does not suffer any of the voice/video sync problems that occur with Chrome on Windows PCs.

What you DON’T have access to is the Live TV guide or recordings, although you can schedule recordings and change configuration settings through Microsoft Edge. Strangely, the player eventually disconnects from the Tablo webpage, showing instead, a URL that looks something like this: “” The IP address in the URL is that of the Tablo server on the local network, but exactly how this works is unclear.

So far, I have only used this on my home network, since I have found it impossible to get the Tablo to recognize port forwarding on my Cisco E2000 router… but that is an issue for another day. Kudos to Tablo and Microsoft for enabling Live TV streaming to Windows phone 10!

The problem with my Cisco E2000 router was that it was sitting behind an AT&T gateway modem firewall, and I had to put pinholes in the firewall for the Tablo ports. Tablo now shows remote access as ready, and I can access Tablo using the Microsoft Edge version that has been pushed out with the Windows 10 upgrade.

As with the Chrome browser, once you have launched Tablo on your home network, clearing cookies and saved website data will kill remote access.

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