Good ideal for the new update

Create multiple users so that children can access but not delete or screw up recording schedule second it gets really really hot add a cooling fan small fan to blow air through the unit as I have done that modification and it is running much better maybe even integrate a hard drive to the unit

  1. Multiple users would be cool. Definitely creates a lot more overhead to store on the Tablo.
  2. You can try turning the unit on its side to cool it better.
  3. From @roraniel - he and other users have bought a USB fan which made their Tablo experience more stable. You plug it into the 2nd USB port on the Tablo.
    "You have probably seen my previous posts but I bought this fan and it works great and VERY quiet. "


Please repost the amazon link, 404 document not foound




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The Millennium Fans are great. I’ve been using two of them for a couple months now.


In regards to heat, in case you don’t want to spend money on the fan I’ve found just having the edges of the Tablo sitting on two small blocks helps it run a lot cooler because air can then flow underneath fairly easily. I actually haven’t had any issues caused by it getting hot but I want to ensure its life is as long as possible so I did this and it definitely runs cooler