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Hi. Did not see this in recent posts. I just switched to Tablo after being a faithful TiVo user since 2002. Let me tell you,Tablo is GREAT and I am super impressed and happy. I miss a few tiny things from TiVo but the major one is that after I finished fast forwarding, TiVo came back ~10 seconds so I could continue watching the playback exactly from the place my eyes last saw when I pressed PLAY. Any chance you can implement that on Tablo? Thanks.

What playback device are you using? Roku, Firestick, AppleTV, etc? While using a Roku, I find it much easier to use the right arrow instead of the FF button, you have much more control of where the video will restart playing. Holding down the right arrow will act similar to the FF button but pressing it just once will advance a short way, you can also do a similar thing with the left arrow (on the D-pad) to go backwards. The screen will be paused after you start this process and the previews will be shown so you can get to exactly where you want to be. Pressing OK or Play will resume playback from that point.

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Thanks for the reply. You are right…I discovered that on my Roku recently and yes it helps a lot. Way better and more control than using the FF button but …having a 10 second auto-backup would be better. I think that made TiVo famous because with Tablo thre frames are so spaced (due to internet transmision from Tablo to Roku) that when your eyes see what you like, almost always when you start watching it’s a bit past where you wanted.

Some of your discrepancy from your TiVo experience, I believe, is partly because TiVo controls it’s hardware. Tablo uses “the player” provided on which ever device/app your using to play content. Tablo is kind of a one-size-fit-all, they, take what they get - that sound bad. But most apps are javascript and/or variations of HTTP protocol languages.

So, they don’t control the hardware in the TiVo had proprietary systems. It’s likely you’ll find variations between different devices and possibly different generation of different devices.

Unless you’re using tablo connect, there is no internet activity while watching content from your tablo. (I believe Roku not being compatible with remote connect it a big request)

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