Gift from Time Warner Cable

When I canceled my cable TV subscription, Time Warner Cable left the cabling and a coupler in my apartment. Seems to me that makes it mine. I wanted to move my Tablo across the room and I needed a long coax cable and a coupler to do that, but I hated to spend yet more money. Then I happened to look up and saw everything I needed. So I unscrewed the coupler, took down the cable, and now it connects my OTA antenna to my Tablo. Trivial, I know, but strangely satisfying.


Yes, cancelling with directv left me with a fully wired Ethernet over coax system in my home… :slightly_smiling:

When I realized I could still use it, I was quite giddy…

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Hmmmm… this gives me an idea. Can you use in-building wiring to connect the ANTENNA to the TABLO??? Meaning: i’ve been having a challenge getting my Tablo ethernet connected as it’s on the second floor of my house. But that’s where the antenna has to be to get a good signal. I thought that with coax loss, etc. that I wouldn’t be able to put the tablo in my basement, connect it to TimeWarner’s infrastructure coax and then at the other end, connect that coax up to my amplified antenna. (using couplers if necessary…) Has anyone tried this?

Yes you can. In my new house I had coax running all over from presumably a previously wired for Satellite and then Cable. I used the existing coax to mount the antenna in the attic, and the tablo is the next floor down…just plugged it into the wall.

With the loss due to cable lengths (less than 300ft in a single run is probably OK) and with splits,I simply put a powered amp just after the antenna. It amplifies the good signal (keyword good - garbage in garbage out applies here) so it makes it through the splits and to the tablo.


A gift from TW is like a Trump apology. Hoorah!

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I have a long coax cable attached to my antenna, and I see no signal loss. I even split the signal - still no loss.


Same here. TW does use quality coax. Now they need to work on “attitude adjustment”.