Getting lots of crashes/restarts every night lately

The last few days I’ve been noticing that I’m getting a lot of restarts of the Tablo in the evening. I check and I’m running version 2.2.18. Not sure ifi this is a new update or not. But what I’m experiencing is that in the evening turn on my TV and and I have Roku Stick which connects to the Tablo. It takes a very long time to connect and when it finally connects, the connection seems to be a bit flakey. By flakey I mean when I start going through my recordings or start to play something that is recorded the connection would “crash” and I’d be kicked back out to the Roku homepage. I try to connect to the Tablo again and the Roku app can’t find the Tablo. After a minute it finds the Roku and connects again. When I go to the recordings, I see that for the shows recording that momement the number of recordings starts going up. This may happen 3-4 times an evening. The result is that for a show recording that evening might be broken into 4 seperate recording as the Tablo “crashed”, restarted, and picked up the recording again. I’ve been a Tablo user for years and I’m very, very happy with it. It’s been a rock solid platform. I have a suspicion my Roku might be the problem. If my Roku is going bad, can that cause the Tablo to “crash”?

You want to open a ticket with @TabloSupport so they can take a look at the logs. When I was experiencing reboots and multiple part recordings the problem ended up being a reception/signal issue.

I agree on opening a ticket with Tablo Support so they can check your logs. Another thought- since your Tablo had been working properly for a long time (and 2.2.18 has been out for quite a while), perhaps it’s something else changing- the external power supply might be failing and causing reboots- this thought is based on what sounds like Tablo reboots and several others that have had power supplies go bad in the last year. If you search the forum you’ll find threads associated with that- a replacement power supply is available from Tablo (some others have used 3rd party power supplies as well), but starting with Tablo Support would be a good first step.

Thank you, I have reached out to Tablo Support

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Basically, I started having the same problem only I do not use a Roku. I use Apple TV, but I don’t have problems with any other app on that, so I was thinking it must be something else. My first thought it was with the 2.2.18 firmware, since I thought it started around the same time it came out. But maybe I’m wrong. If the problem is a reception/signal issue as suggested by Nilex, why did it start all of a sudden? It used to be I almost never had that problem, so why now? I don’t need to be buying a new antenna, and none of my stations have moved their locations, so what options are there? If it’s StuTomato’s suggestion that it might be the power supply, how do you go about testing that? And is a replacement expensive? Should it be failing in such a relatively short period of time (about 2 years or so)? To say the least, I am really annoyed at having 3- and 4-part broken recordings. And it happens every day now. I will open a ticket with Tablo; I’m just hoping it’s not going to be difficult to correct.


As far as a replacement supply, Tablo had them for $10 on their website. As far reception issues, could be any number of variables. Weather, trees getting leaves, etc. Support should be able to tell you pretty easily what the logs are showing.