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I have a 4-tuner Tablo, a 2 TB WD Passport, a Channel Master 4228 with an amp.  It’s all connected to an Asus RT-N66u router, with Bell Fibe to the home.  We watch it all through the Roku. Netflix, Amazon Prime and now Sling TV work flawlessly.

However, the Tablo is now a different story. After having worked great for a few months, recently, (after a recent Tablo update?), now it’s brutal.

With live tv, with every station, and even with local stations, I now receive the “weak signal” error.  For reference, I can receive the CBC without issue by holding up a spoon in the basement.

Recorded programs take forever to load, and when they do, they run for 10 seconds and then pause to “reload” for what seems like forever.

Rebooting the Tablo, unplugging the drive, nothing seems to work.

Can someone help out?


  1. Is your OTA antenna connected directly to your Tablo? Or is it split?

  2. Connect the OTA antenna directly to your HDTV tuner and let us know if you notice weak signal issues such as pixelation.

  3. Sidenote: how do you get Sling TV in Canada?

Thanks for the help!

1. Connected to the Tablo directly from the Channel Master Amp. There’s no split from the antenna.
2. Pixelation occurs on the distant Buffalo channels. Local channels are very strong.

3. My router is set up to accommodate US feeds.

How long is your cable run from the CM Antenna? Maybe you don’t need the amp because it is over powering the Tablo tuner.

 A good point, and I’ll check it.

Something to remember though, is that the Tablo has been working perfectly for months, with no change to the antenna or amp.

Any  new appliances plugged in around the tablo?  If they’re cheap, non shielded, it can throw off your signal.  Every time my wife turns on the paper shredder my signal gets kiboshed.  Comes right back when she turns it off

@rajomic A little off the page (and I sent you a note privately) but try comparing your results to a channel scan. If they don’t match up, try removing the hard drive then rebooting the Tablo. Then play live TV without the disk attached. Are the results different?

@tacopeland Chicago
Hahaha, awesome.  I would never have thought of that, but I’ll be sure to check if anyone moved something nearby that I didn’t notice.

Yup, got it.