Galaxy S7 T-Mobile

My Galaxy S7 on T-Mobile upgraded to Android 7 overnight. Others should be updating soon.

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I have the S6, and I imagine it will be a while before I see 7. I’m on T Mobile, but my phones are factory unlocked, so I think my updates are pushed out directly from Samsung. BTW, I updated my plan from the old Simple choice… more features and lower price, so it was a no brainer for my 2 lines. They’re touting it as a limited time offer, so I jumped on it right away.

Oh! Forgot to ask, have you tried the Tablo app after the update? Any issues?

Nice, thanks for the heads up. I’m with Sprint, but this made me check for a manual update. They posted Android 7 a couple of days ago. Thanks!

No problems with Tablo app.