FYI - Tablo HQ Closed Monday August 1st

Quick heads-up that Tablo HQ will be closed Monday as we observe the Civic Holiday. This mostly involves enjoying the outdoors with an adult beverage during a time when it’s not cold enough to give you frostbite.

We’ll be back in the saddle first thing on Tuesday morning.

If you need immediate assistance Monday or any time our helpful Tablo Support team is unavailable you can:

  • Check out the resources at which includes a searchable Knowledge Base
  • Ask another super-helpful Tablo user on the forum
  • Place a support ticket and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible

Happy long weekend to our Canadian Tablo fans! If you’re in the US, happy… regular Monday?

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Man I want to come work for Tablo! You guys get more observed holidays than the US postal service!

It’s their rationale for not “going postal”.

Are you also closed first Monday in September, which in the States is Labor Day?

The first Monday in September is a statutory holiday in Ontario so Tablo should be closed.

Yes Canada observes Labour Day as well.

You mean “Labor Day” right which is what beastman asked? Didn’t spellcheck catch that :slight_smile:

Tomato…tomato, potato…potato…