FYI - North American DNS Issue Impact to Tablo Guide Data Access

Hi everyone!

If you don’t have a Tablo subscription or you are a brand new Tablo user, today’s North American DNS issues have the potential to temporarily impact your access to Tablo guide data updates.

This problem could lead to missing guide data for tomorrow, Saturday October 22nd for non-subscribers or missing guide data for the next 2 weeks for those setting up a new Tablo.

Existing users with a subscription should not see much if any impact as only programs with a guide change or update for tomorrow could be missed.

This issue should resolve shortly but we will keep you posted.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Existing user with a subscription here… as far as I can tell, there was no impact here. The guide updated normally, at the usual time.

Mine didn’t update (mountain time zone) automatically this morning, but did update all by itself once I rebooted (power cycle).

Everything should be peachy keen now.

If you’re wondering when your guide last updated, you can check in the settings area.