Fumy thing happened tonight

My wife commented that the Tablo is not really good for channel surfing.

It’s funny because I had no idea she would pick this up. I am not complaining about this feature or lack thereof.

I just never in 15 years of marriage expected that this is something she would say to me. This whole cordcut thing in my house was my decision. I was tired of paying for cable that really did nothing for me.

All those channels and I watched nothing. The tv would be on and I would be reading on my iPad. Background noise is what it was. It still is.

I have three boys and we are a huge soccer family and bball family. Vue fills this need as does Tablo.

It’s just that my wife never seemed to channel surf with cable. And if that is her only beef, well I am way ahead of the game.

I’ve actually begun to change my habits when it comes to tv and what I watch and how. The amount of commercials in a show are insane. And I mostly watch ota shows that I record and then delete.

And I’ve noticed the tv is not on every day after school or work. The boys watch on their phones, how they look at something that small. I’ll never figure out.

But after talking with my wife about channel surfing and explaining how our viewing habits are changing, she really seemed to get it.

Then again, when our discussion was done, she did fall right asleep!

My system is stable and performing well, the wife is okay with the Tablo. She needs help with vue, but my boys are teaching her.

All in all this a good thing, no tv on at dinner time, our discussion time at the dinner table as a family is much improved since it is the one time throughout the day we are all together and not running to 3 different games or practices.

AND, we have been turned on to some new shows we are watching together and skipping commercials…


Teach her how to record what she watches. My wife enjoys skipping through the 24 minutes of commercials the next day.

I’ve been scheduling the recordings, one thing at a time. Just getting her to hit the right is a win. But I am working on it…!

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