FS: 2 Tuner Tablo + Seagate 1TB Portable External HD

OK guys, I’ve decided to get rid of my Tablo and explore other options.

Right now I only use the Tablo to record my daily news at 6PM and if I miss it occasionally because I’m not home then oh well so be it.

I have a 2 Tuner Tablo with original box that is currently running the latest version of released firmware (no beta). I also have a 1TB Seagate Drive that comes along with it.

I’m located in Canada (Southwestern Ontario) and would prefer to deal with somebody in Canada and not have to deal with cross border shipping and customs.

I’ll keep it for sale here for a couple of days before putting it on Kijiji if it doesn’t sell.

$250 shipped to your door in Canada for everything.

Sorry to see you go.

But that’s a little pricey for a used Tablo that comes with no warranty. The warranty is only with the original purchaser. I got a used 2 tuner Tablo for $120 on eBay a few months ago.

Are you comparing apples and apples.

Was your $120 USD or CAD?
Did it include shipping? If not how much did you pay?
I’m assuming yours didn’t include a hard drive as well.

Keep in mind my price is in CAD ($194 USD) and includes a 1TB hard drive as well as shipping anywhere in Canada.

Consider this:

Tablo - $274.99 (from Tablo website - not even sure this is listed in Canadian or not)
Hard drive - $79.99 (from Best Buy website)

Total - $354.98 + tax = $401.12 Canadian

So $250 shipped to your door seems to be a fair price.

$120 CAD which included shipping. No HDD though.

The new dual tuner is $249.99 CAD with free shipping at Best Buy Canada.


I still fail to see your point then. $249.99 + $74.99 + Tax = $367.

The fact that you found yours that cheap is great but I still think $250 shipped (32% SAVINGS!) is a fair price considering and like anything is always open for negotiation.