From the trivial complaint department: The Roku App Icon

First time poster here…but I’ve been active on the AVS forum thread and have tracked Tablo’s development for some time. I’m a 4-tuner pre-orderer…and eagerly awaiting its arrival.

I just installed the Roku app…and while this is most certainly trivial…I am not a fan of the icon. Of the 35+ apps installed on my Roku, it’s the only one that doesn’t actually have text saying what it is. It’s just a rather cartoon-ish arrow looking thing. I can appreciate it’s minimalism…but it may cause confusion for guests and the less tech-inclined. 

"What do you mean click on the arrow? What arrow? The arrow on the remote??"

I would much rather have the blue-background icon from the “web-based app” displayed here on the apps page It’s a pleasing color and says exactly what it is. 

Hmmm that's a good point — now it's kind of bugging me too!

I've got a couple other options here that we'll try out for the next release. Thanks for the feedback!

+1 for that

Funny, Steve is using the Apple logo as an Avatar.

Hey, there is no text on this either;)

On the same note, the bright white background on the Roku app is sometimes a bit much.  Sometimes we turn on the TV in the middle of the night (wake up early) and when your fire up the Tablo Roku app it burns your eyes out!

Tablo guys: this is a minor cosmetic issue but it still is an issue.  There’s reasons why the Roku base interface and some of the major apps (i.e. Netflix, YouTube, etc) pick the color pallets they do.  And there’s reasons why the colors and layouts should be different on a TV connected device than on a computer screen.

Bottom line is that the Roku white background with light blue elements and targets looks like it was just rushed out without the necessary graphical design consideration.  I’d guess it was done by developers without input from professional graphic designers.

Although it’s minor, compared to some other features/issues, I have to agree with YYC_TV. That giant, white screen (in my case 47") can be blinding in the evening when it comes on. Something with less glare would be much appreciated somewhere down the line.

I’m watching on either a 55", 65" or even sometimes my 80".  Try firing up that Tablo app on the 80" - it burns the eyes with all of that white.

Another design note: when deleting an episode through the Roku app when the confirm delete/cancel pop up box comes up the non-highlighted text is grey font on a slightly darker grey background.  In other words nearly impossible to read.

Come on Nuvyyo / Tablo people: maybe hire a summer student from a nearby design collage or something?

@YYC_TV - We’re actually looking to hire someone full time to work on Roku. There are a lot of requests for improvement so we want to make sure we have someone devoted to working on the list. Thanks for your feedback though - we’ll add those tweaks to the list.

Great, glad to hear.  Thanks @TabloTV !