Friday is unboxing day... (in theory)

It’s ordered.

Everything except the 3db attenuator should arrive on Friday (but could get bumped to Monday, it happens sometimes and with .gov shutdown looming who knows)

The 3db attenuator doesn’t come until October but I may not even need it and if the signal is too hot, I suspect the 6db will be fine.

Basically amplified antenna signal gets split 1/12 for each TV but only 1/3 for the jack the Tablo will use, so it’s possible the signal will be too hot.

I will write a review on Reddit but not right away, sometimes I misread directions and that’s not fair to the product being reviewed.

Plus, I’m under the understanding that the new Tablos don’t support remote streaming from outside the LAN so I want to see if I can set up a VPN to do that for the review - and that will take some time. So the review likely won’t be written until November. (my router is a TP-Link ER605v2 under Omada control which does support VPN but I’ve not looked into setting one up yet)

I’m excited, like a child waiting for Christmas.

I had a similar experience a week ago. My wife and I moved to a house 18 miles from the tv towers. It was time to get back to free OTA tv. I installed a new roof mount antenna and Tablo 4th Gen. Everything is up and running. It was a fun project.

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Hey @StargateFan - Thanks for your order! We hope you enjoy your Tablo.

Are you planning to use the hard drive with the Tablo or is it for another project?

If you are planning to use it with the Tablo, you’ll need to choose a different one. Internal SATA drives are not compatible with this model.

I have an externally powered USB 3 hard drive enclosure that the drive is going in.

EDIT - by externally powered I mean the drive enclosure has its own power brick.

Just an update - at least presently the drive I bought is working fine in its external enclosure.

For those curious, my enclosure is this one:

It is tool-less, meaning you slide the drive in (firmly so it connects), hook up the USB cable (type B on drive end, like most printers, and Type A on other - it comes with a cable), plug in the drive, and power it on.

My setup is only about 8 hours old, but if no problems happen in two weeks then it’s probably a good permanent solution.