Free year of guide data with purchase of Tablo Dual question

According to the blog, the Tablo DUAL is $50 off and comes with 1 year guide data free in-store at Best Buy. None of my local Best Buys carry it. I can order to ship to my home or ship to store, then pick up. On the blog it says “This offer is valid on new activations only, for US residents who have purchased their Tablo DUAL OTA DVRs in-store at Best Buy”. If I order online to pick up in store, will I still be eligible for the free 1 year guide data?

@fcakira Yep! No issues there.
Edit: Sorry, as it turns out, this does not qualify. Details below.

I sent a message through the ‘contact us’ on the website - but haven’t heard back yet. Basically - my question is: I live in a rural area near the Canadian border on the US side. My nearest Best Buy that carries the Tablo is approx 3 hours away. If I ship to home (and not to store) - is the Best Buy promo still valid?

I believe their response earlier today indicates it is still valid.

I wasn’t sure. The OP asked about ordering it online … but picking it up in-store. Since the promo mentions the ‘in-store’ part - I wonder if ordering online but shipping to home still works? The $50 off price can be used for shipping to home – but will the promo still work? How to authenticate it, if so?

Ah, yeah, sorry.

@eherberg Unforutnately, the promo is in-store purchases only. @fcakira After triple-checking, picking up in-story does not qualify either. The purchase has to be from a Best Buy carrying the Tablo DUAL.

Keep in mind the Tablo DUAL is carried in quite a few stores, but if you don’t live near one, you can get a very similar deal with our current sale on the 2-Tuner refurbished Tablos.

(… but without the full warranty right?)

Many of the Best Buy stores that (according to the list on Tablo’s web site) are suppose to carry the new model don’t have it in stock, including the store closest to my location. Since I’m not willing to drive 100+ miles to buy one in-person, I ordered one on-line for home delivery. It’s supposed to be delivered today.

I will be one very unhappy customer if the free guide subscription deal does not apply to me.

I don’t think Nuvyyo has a clue which bestbuy stores carry their product in-store and if that location even has OTA reception.

I live in a city of 1.4 million people and a county of 3.5 million people. There are probably 11 bestbuy stores in the county. The only store with in-store stock is located away from 95% of the people. In a section of the city that is hard to get to due to the intersection of at least 3 main freeways. I wouldn’t drive there for a $100 discount.

The next closest store is 50-70 miles away in a small city in between 3 mountain ranges. It has 1 low power repeater. All other stations are in the 67 mile range - 2-edge.

Apparently, it will not have the free guide subscription according to what @TabloSupport wrote yesterday.

As tablo support indicated yesterday:

" Unforutnately, the promo is in-store purchases only."

The promo is good for the new tablo purchased from in-store stock. Not tablos ordered on-line shipped to store for pickup or shipped to home.

You’re out of luck but it doesn’t mean Tablo support can’t let you have it. In a way, Tablo should’ve just given this both their website order and BestBuy Store/Website promo since it’s a new item and just set a date when it ends so no special favors. Just a thought. Maybe this is how Tablo’s Marketing strategies work.

My hunch is that as long as I enter the promo code correctly I will get the free offer. I’m not sure how they would know if I bought the unit in the store. We shall see…

If you already have an original Tablo, is the guide data subscription from it also good on the Dual?

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Bought a dual 7/21 as a backup to my current 3 year old model. Already had a lifetime subscription. The dual hooked right into my subscription and has been chugging away.

Hopefully my current units will last 3-4 years until ATSC 1.0 is shutdown and goes to OTA heaven.

Unless something has changed refurb Tablos come with a 12 month warranty. Check the product page.

I ordered after your initial reply. Should get it today. Anyway that I can still get the free year of guide data? The closest Best Buy that carries it is 172 miles round trip.

Hm. We’ll have to take a look. PM me or send us a ticket when you’ve got the unit, and pass along the MAC address on the back of the box.

Will do.