Fragmented Recordings

I have a Tablo quad. I recently started having an issue with recordings broken into 2 segments. First segment is 2-5 minutes, then the rest of the show in the 2nd segment. The strange thing is that it does not seem to be a “poor quality” issue because the rest of the recording has commercial skip enabled which only happens if the signal quality is good. Is anyone else experiencing this problem. I am using the latest 2.26 firmware. Any suggestions?


You may be having hard drive issues. Search the forum for more information.

Is it one channel more so than others?

Hello codebest. The fragmenting happens on more than one channel. I see where you’re coming from based on your thread of not being able to record 4 programs the problem being a bad signal from CBS.
I have been using the Tablo quad for about three months and this started happening after the TV channels changed frequencies on Sept 11. So it could be a signal issue.
I see that you are an electronics tech. We should keep in touch for troubleshooting issues. I am a ham radio operator and can help with antennas.

I’m also a ham radio operator,

Another question, if you record multiple shows starting at the same time do they all end up fragmented equally?

Hello Codebest,

Funny you should ask that. Yesterday i was recording 3 shows: 6:00 PM news on ABC, NBC, and CBS. They all fragmented at exactly 15 Minutes. A couple days ago i was recording 2 prime time shows: on ABC and CBS and they both fragmented at 36 minutes. So would indicate a CPU problem? A hiccup causing all of the tuners to stop at the same time. I noticed that not much program time was lost between the fragments a few seconds at most.

So I am doing a test of only recording 2 instead of 3 of the 6PM news shows to see if reducing the CPU load has any effect. Do you have a solution for this

I would love to compare notes with you: antenna setups, etc.
Do you do DSTAR or DMR? 40 M or 20 M?

Or a reboot, maybe - all at the same time

It’s unlikely to have anything at all to do with the CPU load based on my testing. I’ve had the thing all apart with a small heatsink on the CPU recording 4 shows and while it was very hot it never rebooted. I’ve now replaced all the thermal pads because I had it open a few times, added the 40mm fan and put the 2.5 inch external USB drive back in the internal bay.

Go to live TV, manually record 4 shows and watch the blue power LED like a hawk. If you see it start to blink you’ve rebooted. At that point try to record 4 different channels. Your a HAM, any chance you are throwing some RF into the inputs?

I use to do 20 and 40M, had some 80 coverage as well. Sadly I don’t have any HF coverage any longer. Been just running on the local VHF/UHF repeater scene lately. Fusion is my digital poison lately.