Fox + ION are moving tomorrow (Albuquerque, NM)

Hopefully the guide data is ready?

I’m really impressed! The channels changed at midnight, and after refreshing my Tablo channel list, everything is up-to-date!

If only my Harmony remote OTA channel list would update too (not your fault), I’d be a happy camper :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks Nuvyyo!

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You’ve got Fox and CBS on the same frequency? New Mexico does things different…

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! Takes some getting used to, but once you discover the delights of green-chile-cheeseburgers, you’ll learn to adjust😎


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There’s actually a New Mexican restaurant just a few blocks from me (Phoenix area). I’ll have to see if they serve that.

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If you can’t taste the chile over everything else, it’s not the real thing!

Armed with that critical information, bon appetite :hugs:

Seems the new ION guide data is missing now? Help!

@CycleJ Can you PM me your MAC? I’ll send a note to our provider.