Forwards and backwards on a Fire TV stick

I’ve just started using Tablo, comign from a Sat DVR. The primary thing I miss is a one button push to jump 30 seconds forward or backwards. I can do the jump with a press of the 4-way switch, but I must then press the center of the button to resume playback at the new location. Am I doing something wrong, or is the the way it’s designed? Note, watching on a PC via browser, the arrow keys do exactly what I want, jump forwards or backwards and immediately play.


As far as I know this is simply the way it works with a Fire remote, but I have never tried to find a different way of jumping forward or backward. But I rather like that it stops & I can view the thumbnail to see where the recording is at.

Do not use the “4 way switch” you refer to.

“Need a longer skip? Use the ‘FFWD’ or ‘REW’ buttons to skip in 20-second increments.”

Take a read of the link below, might be helpful.

@billm - The FFWD/REW buttons are 20 second skips:

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But if I understand correctly, billm is looking for an option that restarts play instead of leaving you in a paused state. I’m not positive but don’t these buttons also leave you paused?

Yes, it would be helpful and consistent with the other players to have the skip function skip and continue to play, versus requiring an additional click to unpause. I wouldn’t mind if just the FF and REW did this, while the left or right click on the wheel button did the current advance and pause function.


Fair enough.

It’s not likely something we could bring to the original Amazon Fire TV app, but it’s certainly something we could do on the Tablo Preview app.

I would request leaving an option where jumping forward or back leaves it in a paused state because I for one like it that way.

That would be the direction keys.

That would be fine; I’m going to try the Preview app soon.