Forum Search?

Is there no way to search this forum? Maybe I’m missing something, but that seems like a big limitation when trying to find information. thanks!

Add my vote for this 

Yeah, that’s an issue with this board.  But you can go into each category and look around, since the number of threads in each one isn’t that large.  Or feel free to ask me or some of the other long term posters here.  We can remember most of the questions and answers since this board started.

request that feature over a month ago and cannot wait until they implement it :-).  I wanna go to a page that shows all of the most recent updated threads since last i came in… thats all :slight_smile:

You can see all the recent threads by clicking on “Recent Discussions” on the right side of the screen.

yeah that different though.  i want to see this:

if you login, itll show you just the recent