Forum app for windows

I see there is a Forum app for Android, is there one for Windows? It would save me from wasting a browser tab on it. (as if I don’t have enough tabs open already)

Tablo - Microsoft Store Apps

Never mind

Not sure what you mean with link, Chrome app is going away soon.

I bookmark the websites that I visit frequently, and show the bookmark toolbar, so it is easy to choose different websites without opening a ton of tabs.

I copied that from another thread: Tablo Forum Icon Keeps Changing.
It talks about an Android app for the forum.

I do the same with the toolbar, however I keep the sites open and switch between them.
I am retired from Intel, and I like to keep up with what is going on in the field, so I often have several tabs open. If I close them then I would have to hunt down whatever I was reading. :grin:

I misread your post thought you were looking for Tablo app for windows, not Android for forum.