ForSale: One used, non-functional Tablo 4-Tuner

Selling my slightly more than one year old, no longer functioning 4 Tuner Tablo. Why pay US$299 for a new one when this one is available for US$50 and works nearly as well as a new one! At the very least, for just over 15% of the cost of a new one, you can save yourself all of the headaches of trying different hard drives, reconfiguring your wifi layout and setup, and watching your favorite shows in ten second snippets as they are loading, loading…, loading…, loading…

It’s the kind of technology that you can plug in and then just forget about! At least if you want to spend your time doing something productive instead of troubleshooting a DVR, it works best if you just forget about it!

PM me offline, I don’t want to start a bidding war here on the forum.



It’s like buying a dead car for $5000.

Had the unit for over a year, and just joined the forums?
Could have helped you all that time.
I feel bad.

Correction: a dead car with no user usable/sellable parts…

I’m very confused. How can a non-functional unit work as good as a new one?



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Just curious… why would you expect someone to pay $50 for a non-working device?

I’ll pay postage… no more.

Thank you cthompgh! Apparently the lack of little smiley faces must mean that a post can’t be anything but serious.

I’ll leave it to the readers to determine whether this post qualifies as serious or sarcastic.

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Some people can’t take a dang joke… :grin:

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Nah! Good sarcasm has to have at least one leg in reality.